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Studio Policies

Studio Policies

  • Observation days will take place during the last week of the fall session and the last week of the winter session.
  • No refunds will be granted after September 30th. This applies for the entire year. Refunds are never retroactive.
  • Tuition is not transferable between students.
  • Credits are not offered for missed classes. If a student is absent for class, he or she can make up the class with another class at or below their current level. Missed classes must be made up within the same session. 
  • There will be a $30 fee placed on returned checks.
  • The multiple class discount will only apply when registering for classes together at the beginning of the session.
  • Drop-ins paid with cash or check are $17. Drop-ins paid with card are $20.
  • Much of our communication is done through our website and email.  By signing our waiver, you give us permission to email you our monthly newsletter and any other notifications that may come up, i.e. tuition reminders and class cancellations. 
  • We are a "water only" studio. Food and drink, with the exception of water, are not permitted in the studios or dressing room.  Gum is not allowed anywhere in the building.
  • Please make every effort to notify your instructor if you will be tardy or absent from class. A missed class may be made up with a non-recital technique class or a ballet class at or lower than your level. Make up classes must be made in the same session that they were missed.
  • In the event that classes are canceled due to inclement weather, students are free to drop in to another class as a make-up.
  • Parking is available in both the front and back of the studio. The front parking lot can get very congested. You may drop your child off in the front, but please make arrangements to pick up your child in the back of the studio. If dropping your child off, please be prompt in picking him or her up after class. Parents of Pre-Dance, Pre-Ballet and Kinder students need to remain on the premises during their child's class.
  • In the extreme case where an illness, confirmed with a note from a physician, prevents a dancer from continuing with his or her schedule of classes for the duration of the year, a class credit may be issued to be used within a year for classes at Rise.

Classroom Etiquette

  • Please be on time for class. Being properly warmed up is crucial to the safety and training of the dancer. Students who arrive more than five minutes after class has started may be asked to sit. If late to class, please wait until the current exercise is complete before joining.
  • Students who are not dressed properly may be asked to sit.
  • No talking in class.
  • Be attentive and work on corrections when given. Students should apply all corrections to their own work whether or not you are being directly addressed.
  • Do not lean or hang on the barres.
  • Always applaud and thank your instructor upon completion of class.


Dress Code


Ballet: Black leotard, pink tights, pink canvas split sole ballet shoes

Jazz: Solid colored leotard or tight fitting top, black jazz pants, leggings, capris or jazz shorts, black or nude jazz shoes per teacher recommendation 

Lyrical: Solid colored leotard or tight fitting top, black jazz pants, leggings, or jazz shorts, shoes per teacher discretion. If in doubt, ballet shoes

Modern & Contemporary: Solid colored leotard or tight fitting top, black jazz pants, leggings, or jazz shorts, bare feet

Tap: Solid colored leotard or tight fitting top, leggings, or shorts, Oxford taps required for all A level classes and above. Patent leather "baby taps" or for intro classes only

Hip Hop: Loose fitting clothes easily able to move in; Instructor will notify students about shoes that will be purchased to wear in both class and performance concert. Until then, clean sneakers/gym shoes may be worn. 

Acro: Leotard or tight fitting top, black jazz shorts or capris, bare feet



Fitted white t-shirt and black jazz pants; black ballet shoes for ballet, black jazz shoes for jazz, black oxford taps for tap.


Introduction to Dance:

Black or pink leotard and pink tights, skirts optional, pink ballet shoes (no "isotoner" slippers may be worn), black tap or jazz shoes depending on the class (not needed for Pre-Dance class). Clean sneakers for hip hop. Hair must be pulled back and away from the face.  Black jazz pants may be worn for tap or jazz. 


**With the exception of hip hop, no loose fitting clothing. It is important for the instructor as well as the student to see their lines while in class. No jeans/jean shorts.

**Aside from small earrings, jewelry may not be worn during class.

**Hair must be pulled up and away from the face. Buns must be worn for all ballet classes.

**Students should never wear dance shoes to or from the studio, including hip hop shoes.

**Dancers should not leave the studio in leotards and tights only. Proper decorum requires dancers to cover up when not in class.