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Nutcracker Rehearsal

Nutcracker Rehearsal

Fri, November 8, 2019

5:00-5:45 Party & Battle (Mice, please wear your hair in a high bun for rehearsal and bring your mouse hood, Soldiers are to wear their black leggings for rehearsal)

5:45-6:15 Snow, Ladies, Crowning

6:15-6:45 Arabian, Russian, Reed

6:45-7:00 Russian

6:45-7:15 Chinese, Spanish, Mother Ginger (Chinese please wear your hair in a high bun and bring your Chinese hat to wear in rehearsal)

7:15-7:45 Sugar Plum, Waltz, Finale, Bow (Everyone must attend Finale & Bow)

7:45-8:30 Nutcracker Dance-Along practice